Metro Computer Resources

We are a full-service home computer and business computer sales, maintenance, and repair store

Lorain County's Business Computer Leader

Metro Computer has been serving the computer needs of small businesses throughout Lorain County for over twenty years. We have established a loyal business customer base by delivering business computer solutions and keeping businesses up and running. We often provide computer solutions for business with growth in mind, providing cost savings down the road when new computers and other computing equipment is added.

Authorized IBM Business Partner

We are an authorized IBM Business Partner. This partnership establishes Metro Computer Resources as a direct re-marketer of IBM's powerful line of mid-range and workgroup computers. These powerful computers are created with small business needs in mind, with backup, expandability, and centralized record keeping in mind. Furthermore, you get the quality and reliability of IBM computer hardware.

Workgroup Computer Solutions

Businesses need computers that not only work together but share resources and data. Our computer specialists have installed many business computer solutions throughout Lorain County. We say 'computer solutions' because there's much more than placing computers on desks and plugging them in.

Solutions include evaluation of the purpose of each computer workstation, ensuring access to computer printers, plotters, and other computer peripherals. There's also the importance of security to ensure that computer data is maintained and that access is restricted as appropriate for the company's needs.